Environmental Law Clinic student-lawyers support rethinking proposed changes to Chatfield Reservoir

Chatfield State Park is a beautiful nature and recreation area situated in the metro Denver area, home to bike trails, water, grasslands and more. According to the Audubon Society of Denver, Chatfield State Park is in danger. Environmental Law Clinic students Leigh Auerbach (’13) and Ted Standage (’13), pictured at left, recently worked with the Audubon Society to submit comments to the Army Corps of Engineers regarding the proposed expansion of storage capacity at Chatfield Reservoir. The comments addressed concerns about the impacts this project would have on Chatfield State Park, where the Corps has proposed to proceed with the most environmentally damaging of alternatives it is considering. These impacts include flooding out the vegetation that provides shade around the reservoir, loss of habitat for migratory birds, and destruction of habitat for an endangered species of mouse. “Chatfield State Park is a unique recreational and biological resource,” writes the Audubon Society of Denver. “We must find an alternative that meets the providers’ needs but preserves the Park intact.” -rw


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