Denver Law’s Professor Kamin Speaks on the Legal Road Ahead in the Aurora Theater Shooting Case

Sam Kamin, professor of law and director of the law school’s Constitutional Rights & Remedies Program, discussed possible scenarios ahead for the state’s case against James Holmes, the alleged shooter in the violence occurring early last Friday, July 20, 2012, on “Colorado Matters,” a production of Colorado Public Radio. The show aired Monday morning, July 23, shortly after the defendant’s initial appearance in court. “If the facts bear out as they seem to be, proving the defendant’s guilt will not be the prosecution’s biggest problem,” Professor Kamin predicted. Earlier he stated, “This will be a question of punishment, and the real question, the specter hanging over this case, is the death penalty.” In the interview, Professor Kamin went on to discuss factors that determine whether the death penalty is sought under Colorado law. -rw

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