With faculty guidance, alumna turns third-year writing project into a published article

Lindsay Noyce, a 2010 Denver Law grad, published a paper on employees’ expectations of privacy in the digital age in the inaugural issue of LABOR & EMPLOYMENT LAW FORUM, a workplace law journal from American University’s Washington College of Law.  “[W]ith the expansion of social networking, growing use of technology in the workplace, and feeble boundaries between work and home,” she writes, “employees’ electronic privacy is a pressing legal issue.” Against this background, Noyce probes how an implied-in-fact employment contract “may encompass privacy rights and create protectable employee privacy interests.”

The article began as a directed research paper Lindsay wrote under faculty supervision while a student at Denver Law, an option open to second- and third-year students. “My goal in doing directed research was to write a publishable article,” she reports. “Committing to a directed research project provided a helpful push with a deadline to get the research and writing complete.” About her faculty supervisor, Workplace Law Program Director Rachel Arnow-Richman, Lindsay says, “Professor Arnow-Richman was there to provide support and advice throughout not only the topic selection and writing process, but the submission and publication process as well.” Producing a directed research paper is one way to complete a “capstone experience,” required to earn a certificate in Workplace Law. According to Professor Arnow-Richman, “Lindsay’s paper is a great example of how law students are capable of making real contributions to legal scholarship. She seized on a truly cutting-edge issue and wrote a wonderful paper.”

Lindsay Noyce currently clerks for a U.S. District Court Judge in Iowa. That position, she says, “has allowed me to continue to work on my research and writing skills in various areas of law as well as provided me with invaluable exposure to the litigation process in federal court.” She plans to practice employment law and has an eye on teaching law in the future. Click here to see Noyce’s article.

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